MateMod - Mate X bike - Water Bottle KIT

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MateMod bespoke water bottle holder designed specifically for use on the Mate X bike. Designed from the ground up and incorporating heat sunk bolt holders for a solid reliable grip on the frame. Sits neatly just out of the way of the pedal arc. I've extensively tested this 10 days straight to work and back - never touched my feet once (and i've got size 12 feet) fits snuggly to the frame bar and then is secured using thick zip ties. 

Comes with MateMod part and bottle cage - ready to roll!!! 

(does NOT include the Mizu M8 water bottle) - I can get these bottles in various colours to match the frame for an extra £20 at time of ordering) Please message me. 

Please allow 28 days for delivery (hopefully sooner)