Clown x Groans - Skateboard curb wax + FREE sticker FREE postage (uk)

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Formulated in the jointly owned 4,000,000 sq ft state of the art laboratory located at the outer reaches of an Icelandic volcano (to keep the wax temperature at peak levels.) Embedded with 'Clappers™' technology to ensure maximum speed grinds and make sure all slide parameters are met. 

A brand new take on the ground breaking 'Baby Groans™" wax, Clown Skateboards have jumped on board with a plethora of 'never thought of before' ideas and secret ingredients to make this the most futuristic wax ever produced on this planet and quite possibly the next. 

Literally worth it's weight in gold. Comes with FREE sticker and FREE postage. 

Rodney, you know it makes sense. 

Order this perfect stocking filler before they disappear.  


 Groans Brigade & Clown Skateboards